NEA Support

Below is a series of different programs that have pseudocode and flowcharts completed for them. Use them to try and relate your algorithm designs to your code.

Example 7 - Measurement Conversion - Functions (sub-programs)

This program is designed to show how you might convert miles to kilometres and vice-versa.



Python Code

			#Measurement Conversion Function (sub-programs)
def mtokm(value):
   answer = value*1.6
   return answer

def kmtom(value):
   answer = value*0.62
   return answer

print("What conversion would you like to do?")
print("1. Convert Miles to Kilometres")
print("2. Convert Kilometres to Miles")
option = input(">>")
number = float(input("Enter your measurement to convert: "))
if option=="1":
   print(str(number) + " miles in KM is " + str(mtokm(number)))
elif option=="2":
   print(str(number) + " KM in miles is " + str(kmtom(number)))
   print("Please enter a valid selection")